POLYLAM vertical baffle system

Open metal ceiling system with a versatile range of applications

POLYLAM puts the architecture in the limelight. This modern vertical baffle system with acoustic properties offers varied designing options and can also be used in thermally-active building systems. The customer can choose the colour or get it printed in wood look to create individual ceiling configurations. Together with the linear OMEGA lighting channel, it is possible to create completely new designs.

  • contributes directly to Green Building and LEED certification

Technical information


Baffle width: 1 9/16“, 2 15/32“ or 3 15/16“ [40, 63 or 100 mm]
Special requests: 1 3/16“ – 3 15/16“ [30 – 100 mm]

Baffle length: 11 13/16“ to 12‘ – 5 19/32“ [300 to 3800 mm]

Baffle height: 3 15/16“ to 1‘ 2 3/16“ [100 to 360 mm]
Special requests: 1 3/16“ to 2‘ – 7 1/2“[30 to 800 mm]

The module can be selected at random. The smallest module pitch is calculated by adding 1 31/32“ [50 mm] to the width of the baffle

Material and surface

POLYLAM elements can be made out of galvanized sheet steel or aluminium. The surfaces are white powder-coated, similar to RAL 9016. Other RAL colours, coloured surfaces or imprinted surfaces are available, e.g. in DUROPLAN W wood design.

Acoustics and perforation

Metal panels are available perforated with black acoustic fleece or non-perforated. durlum offers RV L6 perforation and RG L15 perforation as standard. Acoustical requirements will determine the number of baffles, their height and their width.
For other available perforations please click here.

Fire behaviour

In accordance with ASTM E84 Flame Spread Index for steel is 25 or less and Smoke Developed Index for steel is 50 or less.


POLYLAM vertical baffle system


This linear, open vertical baffle ceiling offers a versatile range of design options and can be used as a cooling ceiling. Through the number, size and perforation of the louvres, and through a range of different fillers, POLYLAM can satisfy demanding acoustic requirements. Printed in a wooden look dur-GRAPHICS, phenomenal creative options are possible. 

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