STARLAM linear louvre open cell ceiling

Linear louvre with accentuated geometric lines

STARLAM is an open, decorative ceiling system, available in different colors. The design allows the lower blades to run in one direction with the upper blades set back and running at right angles. The special configuration creates a pronounced linear effect, which can be enhanced with the integration of lighting both above or within the ceiling enabling attractive patterns to be created. The effects can range from intense spotlighting to subdued background illumination.

  • lighting spots can be easily integrated into the system
  • contributes directly to Green Building and LEED certification

Technical information


2' x 4' [609.6 x 1219.2 mm]

Main blade dimensions

Width: 5/32” [4 mm]
Hight: 1 21/32” [42 mm]
Blade pitch: : 1 3/16”; 1 19/32"; 2" [30.5; 40.6; 50.8 mm]

Secondary blade dimensions

Width: 9/16” [15 mm]
Hight: 1 15/32” [37 mm]
Blade pitch: 9 19/32” [243.8 mm]

Material and surface

Aluminium. Surface strip-painted.
Main blades: White, black, RAL 9006. Other colors available on request
Secondary blades: Black

Fire behaviour

In accordance with ASTM E84 Flame Spread Index for steel is 25 or less and Smoke Developed Index for steel is 50 or less.


STARLAM linear louvre open cell ceiling


New design concepts can be defined with the metal open-cell ceilings from our French subsidiary durlumen. Open, transparent and individual ceiling designs can be created with these open-cell ceilings which are divided into linear, single-blade, wide-blade and multi-directional cells. The design options are virtually unlimited, also when combined with other metal ceilings and lighting systems from durlum.

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