STAR 3 linear louvre open cell ceiling

Delicate and inear open cell ceiling with clearly defined edges

STAR 3 is a delicate, linear open cell ceiling. The combination of the blades and the clearly defined edges creates a unique appearance. If the main blades are painted in different colors, completely new ceiling designs are generated in combination with the recessed black secondary blades. STAR 3 is available with different pitches.

  • lighting spots can be easily integrated into the system
  • contributes directly to Green Building and LEED certification

Technical information


2' x 4' [609.6 x 1219.2 mm]

Main blade dimensions

Width: 13/16" [3 mm]
Hight: 3/16" [20.4 mm]
Blade pitch: 13/16"; 1"; 1 3/16" [20.3; 25.4; 30.5 mm]

Secondary blade dimensions

Width: 11/32" [9 mm]
Hight: 27/32" [21.5 mm]
Blade pitch: 1' – 3" [381 mm]

Material and surface

Aluminium. Surface strip-painted.
Main blades: White, black, RAL 9006. Other colors available on request
Secondary blades: Black

Fire behaviour

In accordance with ASTM E84 Flame Spread Index for steel is 25 or less and Smoke Developed Index for steel is 50 or less.


STAR 3 linear louvre open cell ceiling


New design concepts can be defined with the metal open-cell ceilings from our French subsidiary durlumen. Open, transparent and individual ceiling designs can be created with these open-cell ceilings which are divided into linear, single-blade, wide-blade and multi-directional cells. The design options are virtually unlimited, also when combined with other metal ceilings and lighting systems from durlum.

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