LOOP design metal ceiling system

Elegant magnetic system with closed backing [TYPE 3]

The elegant metal ceiling LOOP [designed as magnet system TYPE3] stands out thanks to its characteristic design and to its high user comfort. The possibility to choose individually functions like acoustic and lighting allows multipurpose applications. The two-piece magnetic system creates a closed ceiling configuration with no visible fastening and can be easily removed. The possibility of choosing the colour of the false ceiling and the LOOP element create new designing dimensions.

  • contributes directly to Green Building and LEED certification
  • next to lighting, other utilities such as ventilation, sprinklers or cable lines can also be integrated without any difficulties

Technical information


LOOP metal ceiling 
Panel size: 3‘ – 8 1/4“ × 3‘ – 3 17/32“ [~1124 mm × 1004 mm]
Module size: 3‘ – 7 29/32“ × 3‘ – 2 1/32“ [~1115 mm × 966 mm]
Joint width: 3/32“ [2 mm]

S7 false ceiling
Panel size: 3‘ – 7 29/32“ × 3‘ –1 5/8“ [1115 mm × 956 mm]
Joint width: 13/32“ [10 mm]

Material and surface

The LOOP TYPE3 elements made of 1/32“ [1 mm] thick sheet steel are available in any RAL colours. The false ceiling can be selected in the same shade or in another one.

Acoustics and perforation

LOOP TYPE3 is acoustically effective in the standard version due to the false ceiling [perforated rectangular metal panel in the system S7 KS]. For other available perforations please click here.

Fire behaviour

In accordance with ASTM E84 Flame Spread Index for steel is 25 or less and Smoke Developed Index for steel is 50 or less.


LOOP design metal ceiling system [TYPE 3]


A perfect symbiosis: PUNTEO-J 60 LED downlight blend harmoniously in the eminently stylish lines of round apertures in the LOOP design ceiling. This creates an aesthetic ceiling pattern that appears to be three-dimensional. This integrated luminaire with intense luminosity guarantees brilliant light quality and soft light transitions.

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